Frequent Issues with the cccam sharing on your Skybox

05/07/2013 - 12:50am

Freezing or Glitchy image. This really is caused when working the Sky UK card in CCCam when Global Access EMM's are not blocked. Don't forget to set up the blockGA parameter to YES. A slow ECM time in way over 0.400 seconds will likely contribute to this matter though we have now no real verification of what truly leads to a slower response time when using a local card. Opinions with this please ?

Entitlements Not Updating. As said before, by using cc Cam it is best to have no less than one client hooked up working with MGCamd and the AU parameter = 1 in the mf.cfg config file. That will permit MGCamd to change the entitlements.

Entitlements in CCCam definitely not displaying in anyway. One's own card wasn't updated plus the entitlements time has expired. If you possibly can, put it back inside the genuine Sky box as well as set it on channel 106 ( sky1 ). Let it stay on right until it appears alive, it may take upto 48 hrs !!! If you do not have the original receiver set up an MGCamd client and check it in this way. At present this technique is not demonstrated running.

NewCS reveals an incorrect or no CAID. This will be most likely the boxkey is mistaken. Make certain now have created the proper boxkey making use of the serial number in your original Sky box.

Config File Destinations

Demonstrated here will be the files you may want to use per setup. Notice several differences between E1 and E2 boxes. You can find more helpfiil information on superartificially from cardshare sky italia.

CCcam 2.1.3 - Do the installation by way of blue panel - Host & Client
CCcam.cfg - /etc ( E2 boxes )
CCcam.cfg - /var/etc ( E1 boxes )

NewCS 1.67RC1 & MGCamd 1.31 - Host & Client
newcs.xml - /var/tuxbox/config( All boxes )
mg.cfg - /var/keys ( All boxes )
newcamd.list - /var/keys ( All boxes )

NewCS 1.67 & CCcam 2.x.x
I highly recommend NOT making use of this configuartion at this time because you will have trouible with the card entitlements running out and you will have to reinstate the card using some other solution.

Installing NewCS yourself ( pcsc or usb supported binary )
newcs.mips.pcsc - /usr/bin ( E2 boxes )
newcs.ppc.pcsc /var/bin ( E1 receiversboxes ) I do believe?

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