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National Presidential Caucus Set for December 7, 2007

Jun 22

Americans to initiate thousands of caucus groups across the nation to deliberate in advance of “National Primary”

McClatchy: National ‘caucus’ will permit voters an early say in ‘08 election

Jun 22

WASHINGTON — On Dec. 7, what should every good American be doing? Joining friends and neighbors, debating issues and picking a suitable presidential candidate. That's the vision for the National Presidential Caucus, the brainchild of some pioneering political pros from the Internet and their more traditional political scientist colleagues. . .

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Internet News: Muscling Meetups Into a National Presidential Caucus

Jun 21

"Organizers of the latest online political initiative hope to trump the early primary season by holding a nationwide presidential caucus on Dec. 7. The plan is to build on the more than five million people who used the Internet in the 2004 election to organize political meetups, town hall meetings and house parties. . . " (6/20/07)

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Jun 21

"Fifteen states will hold primary elections on Feb. 5, and in preparation for that "national primary," a non-partisan group of political and technology analysts is organizing a "National Presidential Caucus," which will give Americans an opportunity to discuss issues and candidates before voters in a few states decide the frontrunners." (6/20/07)

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AP: McCain Decries Early Primary Trend

Jun 21

"The goal of the National Presidential Caucus is to have thousands of local, self-organized, Web-enabled and face-to-face gatherings across the country convene on Dec. 7 , more than a month before the first votes are cast for the Democratic and Republican nominations. . ." (6/20/07)

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The Hotline : Not Just for Iowans Anymore

Jun 19

"Moved by what they see as a need for citizens to have "more and better ways to prepare for the very short, intense" presidential primary calendar in '08, a consortium of political groups, including Politics Online, Unity '08, Democracy for American and the University of Virginia's Center for Politics, have initiated a National Presidential Caucus to take place 12/7/07. . ." (National Journal's "The Hotline," 6/18/07)

National Presidential Caucus welcomes the endorsements of:

Jun 18

Tim Draper, Founder, Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson:
"Internet driven transformation of the US political system and democracy itself is one of the most significant developments since the founding of the country, and yet we must resist over reliance on only electronic means of participation. The National Presidential Caucus will enable the kind of face to face discussion and deliberation that remains the bedrock of free speech and free assembly."

Phil Noble, Founder, Politics Online:

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