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Why the caucus system is better

Oct 08

Here's a great op-ed by Krist Novoselic the co-founder of the band Nirvana.

Why the caucus system is better
By Krist Novoselic
Published May 10th 2007 in The Seattle Times

The right of free association is an ideal fundamental to our society.


Sep 17

Congrats to our friends at techPresident who just won the 2007 Knight-Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism!

No surprise given the keen reporting done by their all-star bloggers, including David All, who penned "Make A Difference Today In Your Respective Party’s Primary Process" a most excellent piece about the importance of the National Presidential Caucus.

Here We Go! Caucus registration is now open!

Sep 06

The National Presidential Caucus is now open!

Read the launch press release here.

All Americans are invited to participate in this first-ever, nation-wide deliberation in small groups across the country on Dec. 7 to discuss the key issues and to prepare for the critical decision of selecting the next president.

The Washington Post: Countdown

Aug 21

110 days: The National Presidential Caucus, an online venture aimed at preparing voters for the flurry of votes set for next January and February, takes place. The goal is to use the Internet to organize face-to-face meetings of voters around the country. Former senators Bill Bradley (D-N.J.) and Warren Rudman (R-N.H.) have endorsed the concept. (08.18.07)

Read the entire article here

The Wall Street Journal: Democracy Heads to Web Laboratory

Aug 16

In December, a separate group is planning a national Internet presidential caucus. Stanford University's Center for Deliberative Democracy and the University of Virginia's Center for Politics are among the groups that have signed on to help with the event, which would still require voters to meet in person to decide on their favorite nominee. Information about local caucusing sites and the results would be compiled and posted online.

CBS News: A National Caucus?

Jun 23

"With up to two dozen states looking to hold a presidential primary next February 5, we’re already looking at a national primary on that day. So why not a national caucus?" (6/18/07)

Read the full article

ABC News (SF): Local Group Pushes For National Caucus

Jun 23

"The Iowa caucuses are the first true test for the presidential election, which means a disproportionate number of candidate visits and media attention. But now a Sausalito-based group is working to change that . . . What if there was another caucus before Iowa? A national caucus stretching from coast to coast? ..." (6/20/07)

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