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Organizers, download your guide!

Nov 08

Less than 48 hours to go until the Straw Poll - are you ready!?

As you know, November 9th is the dress rehearsal for the big day. It's a dry run so you can get the feel for what it's like to run a caucus.

Organizers, we've put together a brief Caucus Organizer Guide in a PDF document for you to print out and bring with you. You can download it here (right-click to save it to your computer).

Inside you'll learn the basics on how to run a caucus, what to expect, how to report your results, and some tips to make it easy and fun. In all, this document should answer any questions you may have about hosting your caucus tomorrow night.

If you have any other questions, please email us at and we'll help out the best we can.

The NPC team is beginning to ramp up for National Caucus Day on December 7th and will keep you posted of the latest and greatest developments.

To say the least, we are really excited by all the activity so far.

Go caucus tomorrow night and be sure to have fun!

Endorsed: Pennsylvania State Rep. Mark B. Cohen

Nov 07

"As one who worked hard to get the Pennsylvania House to pass a bill for a timely Presidential primary but was ultimately stymied by an indifferent PA Senate, I believe the National Caucus can give Pennsylvanians and others basically made irrelevant by the current system a voice in choosing the Presidential nominees of each party. If governments won't give people a voice, then the people have to stand up and demand a voice themselves. As a veteran of Pennsylvania's only 2004 Caucus, the Upper Dublin Caucus in Montgomery County, I think that the National Caucus is a brilliant idea that marries the technology of Meetup with the urgency of the critical issues facing our country." -- Pennsylvania State Rep. Mark B. Cohen (D)

Jasper County (MO) Republican Central Committee Endorses The National Presidential Caucus

Nov 02

The Joplin Globe: Jasper County (MO) Republican Central Committee Endorses The National Presidential Caucus

John Putnam, chairman, Jasper County Republican Central Committee said Republican committee members voted to participate in National Presidential Caucus events set for Nov. 9 and Dec. 7. The goal of the bipartisan effort is to get residents involved in local caucuses to discuss the candidates, their stances and qualifications in advance of presidential preference primaries.

“This is a non-binding effort to go online and get people involved and somehow make an expression of what they want,” Putnam said. “The current primary system is front-loaded, and it favors the candidate with the greatest name recognition or money, which is not necessarily the most qualified candidate. What they (caucus organizers) want to avoid is being stuck with a nine-month campaign between two people who are not the top choice.” Link

Endorsed by Trey Grayson (R), Kentucky Secretary of State

Nov 01

"Each year our country’s primary calendar becomes even more compressed, and this trend is damaging to our political process. It is essential that we give citizens the chance to discuss the important issues facing our country. Ultimately, our country must come together and reform our presidential nomination calendar, but until that time comes, the National Presidential Caucus is an innovative way to involve citizens from every corner of our country in the political process. Through the power of technology, the voices of citizens from states that are usually ignored due to the front-loaded nomination process, will finally have their chance to be heard.” --- Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson

"Why Tuesday?" helps decipher the Iowa Caucuses

Nov 01

Ever wonder what the heck the Iowa caucus is really all about?

"Why Tuesday?", a bold effort to spark a national discussion about voting in America, created this excellent video that breaks down what the Iowa Caucus is all about into layman's terms. It's a must-watch video, after the jump.

Endorsed by Scott Heiferman, CEO of

Oct 23

Scott Heiferman, CEO of says: "The National Presidential Caucus is important. It's a preview of a hopeful future for America: Agree to disagree, and do it face-to-face. That's healthy, and that's democracy. Use the internet to make it happen -- and that's the future. Everyone involved with the National Caucus should be applauded for helping to truly Unite the United States."

Today in the US ... Tomorrow's Europe?

Oct 11

Dr. James Fishkin, Director of Stanford's Center for Deliberative Democracy, and one of the major partners of the National Presidential Caucus, is in Brussels this week for a major citizen-led discussion on how to make a better European Union.

The initiative is called "Tomorrow's Europe" and over 400 citizens from all four corners of Europe are expected to attend and participate.

Much like the National Caucus, Tomorrow's Europe is about empowering citizens to revel in the fruits of democracy.

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