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DNC & RNC leaders & Sec's of State unite over needed reforms to 2012 primary calendar (Video)

Jul 01

Calls to fix the primary process are getting louder. Last week, the National Presidential Caucus convened a round-table discussion with party leaders to discuss primary reform and to help raise awareness of important forthcoming deadlines to initiate change in the process, including:

- Bob Bennett, OH GOP State Chair & author of partially adopted Ohio Plan
- Jim Roosevelt, Chair Democratic Party Rules Committee
- David Norcross, Chair Republican Part Rules Committee
- Michael A. Mauro, Iowa Secretary of State, co-chair National Association of Secretaries of State

2012?! Are you kidding?!

Jun 29

"No, unfortunately 2012 is here now. GOP rules only allow changes for the next cycle to be made at their convention in Minneapolis. That's the last chance for meaningful change in 2012. Don't believe it? Read on ..."

link to press release (coming soon)

Results are in!

Dec 11

It took a little longer than we anticipated to tally these up... namely because there were some Caucuses who reported late. But we pulled all the numbers together and hereby announce the results from the December 7th National Caucus!

The drum roll, please....

Friday Caucus Reports

Dec 10

This past Friday was a true American testament to democracy in action -- and the power of the people. Around the nation people met in small (and large) groups and deliberated the important issues facing the nation as we choose our next president.

The NPC was previewed by major media from CBS News, The Washington Post and The New York Times, to name a few. And, the events were a great success for those who participated. A sampling:

Kansas City: "Wow, what a great evening it was in Kansas City!"

New Jersey: "It was a fun night with close to 200 people participating in this exercise."

Chicago: "It was a very informative experience."

Boise, Idaho: "It was an extremely fun event..."

More reports here.

Caucuses also received a fair amount of local attention from the mainstream media, including *front page* coverage in Greensboro, NC and TV coverage by WNBC news in NY, the largest NBC affiliate in the nation.

But even better, people reported on their own caucus events! The story is being told! See for yourself: check out some of the footage on The National Presidential Caucus YouTube channel!

We'll be announcing the 'results' very soon ... so stay tuned!

The National Journal on the National Caucus

Dec 10

National Journal's Technology Daily


Online organizers in New Jersey are bringing both the party and
representative democracy to the process of choosing a
presidential primary candidate Friday evening.
The event, one of a dozen organized as part of, begins with a happy hour, features speeches
from local New Jersey politicians representing each of the
Democratic candidates, and includes a discussion of issues
facing the nation as well as a straw poll.

It's Caucus Time!

Dec 07

Tonight Americans in cities and small towns across the nation will gather at libraries, church basements, schools and private homes to discuss and deliberate the important issues surrounding the election of our next President.


Tonight is the National Presidential Caucus.

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