Success for 2012!

The GOP, at the last minute and for the first time, gave themselves permission to take up calendar reform after their 2008 convention. Following the Democrats' example the RNC will also create a new reform-specific commission to propose changes for adoption over the next 12-18 months. So now there will be two separate but parallel partisan committees working to overhaul of the dysfunctional primary/caucus process for 2012. In the arcane world of primary reform, this is big news!

Building on its June 24th gathering in New York, the National Presidential Caucus(NPC) brokered the first bi-partisan Joint Resolution for 2012 Reform on Aug. 19 in D.C. among the parties' Rules Committee Chairs and the National Association of Secretaries of State calling for a later start date; endorsing principles of fairness, orderliness and inclusiveness; and committing to an ongoing bi-partisan collaboration process to bridge the independent domains of the private political parties and government bodies. It was a start.

The Obama campaign subsequently issued a new reform proposal to set up a "Change Commission" to address the 2012 Primary. The DNC then adopted this proposal at their convention.

Now the RNC has kept the door for meaningful reform open by liberating this extremely difficult complex issue from the vagaries and momentary priorities of a national convention.

Real reform is now more possible than ever!


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