Congrats to our friends at techPresident who just won the 2007 Knight-Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism!

No surprise given the keen reporting done by their all-star bloggers, including David All, who penned "Make A Difference Today In Your Respective Party’s Primary Process" a most excellent piece about the importance of the National Presidential Caucus.

"In the modern, flat world of the Internet, it’s silly to think that our participation in democracy and Party politics is limited by the state we live in. But it is.

For some in those select states and the media, the process works well. After all, it’s easy to direct resources and attention to only a handful of states. But, is this system modern, appropriate and effective? Are we, as respective partisans, ensuring that our “best” nominee is in fact that nominee?

For me, a Republican, I know that I’m going to be spending a better part of 2008 doing everything in my power to ensure that a Republican wins the November election. That’s just the kind of Republican I am.

But what can I do now to ensure that my choice for that nominee counts? What can I do legally and without uprooting my life to another state to participate in my Party’s Primary process?

Look no further than the National Presidential Caucus for the answer. The National Presidential Caucus is our opportunity, in fact our ONLY opportunity, to participate and make our voices count in the upcoming Primary election process..."

No wonder techPresident is award winning!



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