Here We Go! Caucus registration is now open!

The National Presidential Caucus is now open!

Read the launch press release here.

All Americans are invited to participate in this first-ever, nation-wide deliberation in small groups across the country on Dec. 7 to discuss the key issues and to prepare for the critical decision of selecting the next president.

A chance to make history. A chance to really be involved in the reinvention of American democracy itself. Right now, as the internet transformation of politics, a wide open race, enormous stakes and a massive rise in citizen direct participation; all converging on Dec. 7th, National Caucus Day!

Congratulations to the amazing team at EchoDitto and Mylermedia and all our partnering organizations, advisors and other esteemed endorsers!

Start a caucus now. Start getting a feel for what's going to happen. Shape it. Blog in and help shape the entire event. Lots compelling process issues to discuss and still things to decide before we all get together across the country.

Your country needs you! You need to get out and Caucus!



 POSTED BY: Gary Suwannarat ON September 23, 2007 - 1:08pm

Some 3 million or more American voters live abroad. I urge you to modify your caucus map and information to actively enfranchise Americans outside the US. For those of us beyond the water's edge, this election is every bit as critical as it is for our family and friends at home in the US.

 POSTED BY: Robert Johnson ON October 2, 2007 - 8:30am

Two and a half weeks after launch, and here I would have been only the third person to join an existing caucus.

Hm. This isn't exactly taking off, is it?

The give-up-the-phone-number-now requirement (with no mention of same in the privacy policy) is bad enough, but when I provide all the requested info, the server just responds with "validation error," tells me to contact an administrator, doesn't tell me how.

So, yeah. Good luck with this.

 POSTED BY: Anonymous ON October 15, 2007 - 7:57pm

the only caucus in my 250 mi range is one for Kusinich and one for Obama... if they have already decided who they are going to endorce... why should I participate?

 POSTED BY: Tom Cannon ON October 17, 2007 - 2:20pm

While all this talk of a National Caucus is fine and dandy, so far that is all I've seen of it, talk. Heck, in my state of Michigan, almost all of the candidates have taken their names off of our primary ballots, and ALL of them have vowed to not campaign (which means spend no money/time) in this state. Another thing I have to point out. While I cannot stand the Repukes, I do not think highly at all of the Dumbos either. As far as I'm concerned, pretty much everybody who runs for and gets elected to any Federal office, is totally out of touch with the "everyday, ordinarly" citizen. If you look at all of the candidates, they pretty much are all rich people and someone who isn't rich, doesn't stand any chance in hell of even being able to run for office, let alone get elected.

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